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August 14, 2009

30 April, 2009, Paris, France

The last day of the month. A weird one. Upon reflection, I’m not sure where it went. Maybe that’s the nature of the situation…Feels like I accomplished so much, and, at the same time, nothing at all.

Seemingly endless days wandering the city; some enlightening, some totally pointless. Not sure I actually “did” anything, in the end. One senses how this place; this colossus, behemoth, monolith of Babylon, can swallow whole lifetimes like so many tasty sweets. Art it may be, but there is a vein of unsentimental blackness, too…

Today I was just tired — of wandering, of solitude, of fucking Paris. And yet I found solace for a brief hour or so in a café beside Place des Vosges. A momentary respite — soaking up the sun and reading the newspaper. I’ve been feeling like there is only one speed with which to deal with this city and that pace is draining. Yet all I’ve done is go in circles, vaguely orbiting Paris’ vortices like some lone traveler in the farthest reaches of space.

Maybe this is what I needed after the unsentimental utility of Windsor. But this city is humbling — a mausoleum of mastery, it reminds how much driven genius there once was in this world, and how little you’ve recently done to live up to it. Perhaps this is the essential conundrum — as a visitor, even for some time, one can only be a spectator. And indeed it is quite a spectacle. But the internal drive is dulled by this — you are either audience or performer. There doesn’t seem to be enough time to do both.

The intense variation and range of Paris demands acknowledgment — it insists on the lesson that there are those better AND worse off, and even in the end that it is all relative. Difficult to typify, the people of Paris are humanity, in all its multi-faceted splendor.

Still, this doesn’t seem to be enough. I want more. More spirit, drive, success, challenge, diversity, experience…Life. Where does this unquenchable desire come from? Can’t I just move past it, to some satisfying Buddhist moment — desireless, balanced, content? Not likely around here. This place is driven by desire — for greatness and the deepest depths. All at once.

Shadowy Forms

March 20, 2009



January 24, 2009


This one’s for raincoaster. Maybe I’m crushing…

It’s Alive!

January 18, 2009

Saw a fascinating lecture connected to a new exhibit at the Art Gallery of Windsor dubbed It’s Alive: Bertram Brooker and Vitalism. The curator spoke with pointed insight about the thought of French vitalist philosopher Henri Bergson and his influence on Canadian modernism and Brooker in particular. A transplanted Brit, Brooker explored various media, and was influential in early film as well as being an award-winning author. In the 1920s, he started working in the advertising business, integrating vitalist understandings into his work, emphasizing dynamism, movement, and the quest to animate the inanimate.

Brooker manifested elements of Bergson’s philosophy in his exploration of ideas like “organic memory” and an unconventional, life-based understanding of the ineffable nature of time. He broke barriers in the Canadian “high” art world with his representations of the nude, and was a key link between European modernist movements (Futurists, Vorticists, etc…) and the Canadian scene (i.e. The Group of Seven). It was also suggested that his work had an impact on famed Canadian theorist Marshall McCluhan and his “organic” perspective on the nature of communication.

Intriguing stuff. Odd synchronicity to have run across it in this milieu. Reminds me I need a deeper appreciation of the way vitalist philosophies emerged and flourished in the early 20th century art world…

…But Teaching is the Devil’s Work

January 11, 2009

My pithy response to a church billboard near the university announcing, with nary a theological justification, that “God loves students”.

Last View…

October 31, 2008

For a while. It’s all good.

Beauty and the Beast

October 19, 2008

Statue reminds of this. GM’s lovely Renaissance Center sits in the background.


October 14, 2008

The southernmost point in Canada, Point Pelee.


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