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Sunset Over Denman No.2

July 1, 2012

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Sunset Over Denman

July 6, 2009



July 1, 2007


Out to Sombrio Beach on the Juan de Fuca to try out a rustic camp…Just a tent (see above) and a couple of sleeping bags. Arrived late, as the sun set, to discover there was little readily available wood. Suddenly it’s like a fight for survival…Set up and try and burn anything. In the frantic effort to be cozy the hatchet and I became acquaintances. Fatigue eventually overtook my night’s firebuilding efforts…

Awoken by a murder of crows clearly planning on offing someone. And a noise. Like the buzz of a small toy engine. Hovering just above the tent. Little aliens in very small ships? Nope. Hummingbirds. Lots of them. Confused about the big yellow intrusion into their flowery abode. Rise in the earliest morning, hummingbirds buzzing around curiously, accompanied by sullen crows and spry robins. All the camps along the beach silent, inactive. Fires dwindling from the night before. I play lazily with mine in the chill, but decide not to bother so early and head back into the tent and my warm new sleeping bag. A necessity now.

Up a couple of hours later, still early. Need to attend to survival — making breakfast and starting a fire. That morning the hatchet and I were lovers, in tune with each other. Married even. By the afternoon I’d be ready to pack it in, filing for divorce. After a warm meal, though, I was in fine form. Chopping steadily for a while, then bringing the meagre harvest to the fire, to sit in a chair warmed by the sun. This was the view…


Decided to cut it short late in the afternoon, but only because of the threat of rain and a lack of proper gear. Next time it will be an axe, a good one, and a sleeping pad — things will be different.

Can’t wait. Camping on the beach is just plain unbelievable. Sleeping with the sound of the waves alone…


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