A madman from the north, bearing myths, tales and legends from times long forgotten…

Too vague? My intentions have been made clear from the beginning.

36 Responses to “About”

  1. Stiletto Says:

    I really like this blog. Came over from Raincoaster’s nest.

  2. The Necromancer Says:


  3. CirclingCrow Says:

    I, too, like this blog. I like the writing style and the topics.

  4. Shefaly Says:

    I wanted to comment on your nom de plume yesterday when you left a note on my blog. But then forgot, of course..

    It is a curious, quirky handle. The logic of course becomes clearer when one reads your link on ‘the beginning’.

    And it did remind me of something from my French and German classes.

    In both classes, we were told that we must really get to grips with the past tense and the third person declensions. Why? Because for nearly three-quarters of the time, we are talking in the past tense and about other people.

    That makes sense to you, as a historian, doesn’t it? :-)

  5. The Necromancer Says:

    As a historian…And a gadfly. ;)

  6. Shefaly Says:

    So what kind of historian are you?

    Art? Science? Philosophy? Medicine? Health? Social? Medieval? Or some other kind?

    (I do not know how the typology works so you shall have to forgive stupid questions.)

  7. The Necromancer Says:

    I’m a historian of shoes. Those inserted in the mouth and those used as, well, shoes…

  8. Shefaly Says:

    Oh and I forgot for a long time to ask you that your ‘shoe’ specialty may make you familiar with Farid Chenoune? ;-)

  9. The Necromancer Says:

    Had to Goggle him. Though, now that I know, I must say anybody who’s written a history of French lingerie is just fine with me.

  10. enreal Says:

    Got a project if you’re interested…


  11. The Necromancer Says:

    K, I’m on it. How about…”countless hours devoted to six words”?

  12. enreal Says:

    That rocks!

  13. enreal Says:

    Why the silence…Where for art thou Necromancer?

  14. The Necromancer Says:

    Thawing out for spring now…

  15. Shefaly Says:

    Monsieur, I have tagged you. I seem to think I have tagged you for a meme before but unsuccessfully but I am trying again so please see it :-)


  16. The Necromancer Says:

    Shefaly: I’ll do it Madame, on one condition…You add me to your blogroll. I can be bribed. :)

  17. Shefaly Says:

    Monsieur, please ego-surf to this link and see yourself duly blogrolled. Please object if you wish to, about the description if inadequate or plain wrong.


    NOW do the meme? Man, some people… :-)

  18. The Necromancer Says:

    Funny, I was just about to do it anyway when you sent this comment. Call it synchromystical! Or just a coincidence.

  19. Shefaly Says:

    Synchromystical sounds better than coincidental. :-) Thanks for doing the meme.

  20. Shefaly Says:


    Weren’t you here before? They have poached a star from Cambridge (partially):


  21. The Necromancer Says:

    Shefaly: I’m at Windsor, not Waterloo, but it is indeed interesting news. I’d thought to write a post about it…Maybe I still will.

  22. fevah Says:

    Hey Necy

    Yep it me, Tim. You have inspired me to write my own blog. Don’t know how well it’s gunna go, but figure it might give me some contact with the world outside of my island in the pacific. Come visit me from time to time, Now you can come over to my place, so to speak.
    Love your blog mate.

  23. The Necromancer Says:

    Tonga Tim: Good on ya, mate! I’m flattered, dude. Never know where it will go, but it’s a dynamic and creative way to say stuff. You’ve got an amazing place to talk about, and a lively and totally unique voice to do it in. Best of luck. Not that you need it. ;)

  24. fevah Says:

    I am flattered Necy
    I’d love you to come check it out there is not much to it yet but I think you’ll love the whale pic. I took the other day. Link. The Humpback season is over but there is still the odd one out there.
    This shot was just off the beach. Going to put a pic. on my site every so often — think it’s a good idea, maybe not as amazing as yours. By that I mean the subjects will be pretty hot but the artistry of the photographer is that of a child for want of a better word.
    P.S. Don’t know how I’m going to cope without you to correct my grammar and spelling though.
    Lucky I’m not a perfectionist. In fact I’d say I’m a bit of the opposite I love a bit of chaos and confusion makes life more real. Take Star Wars for example, the old movies where they blow up real models of space ships verses the newer movies where they are all computer generated and ships explode so clean and neat it’s just not right. Oh well!
    That’s the second time today I’ve brought up that movie. The first was to explain to an American tourist that calling the Palestinians terrorist is like calling Luke Skywalker a terrorist. Sorry Necy, Don’t Know why I said that touchy subject and all, no offense to people how like Star Wars I don’t think much of the Star Wars movies myself. Oh well! moderate away with that one I think Necy mate.

  25. The Necromancer Says:

    Gonna check it out. Star Wars, like everything else, holds no privileged position here. And I completely agree about the chaos and confusion.

  26. fevah Says:

    Necy: I just wanted to say HAVE A BLOODY BRILLIANT CRASSMASS my friend. It’s a privilege to know you, and thanks again for the support of my blogging.

  27. The Necromancer Says:

    Thanks, bro. You’re too kind. I’d wish you a white “crassmass”, but that seems highly unlikely. So I’ll just say happy holidays and all the best for 2009…

  28. Arc Says:

    Sorry I would have emailed you this link but couldn’t find your email address.

    I thought that you may be interested to know
    that there is a forum devoted to syncromysticism. You would be a welcome addition to our group. Please check out the syncromystic forum here at


    I think you will find many people would be interested in your ideas and comments.

    The people on the forum are some of the most accepting people I have ever met on a forum. We are looking for more people to join in our discussions about the current reality we live in. Some of the post deal with Spirituality, Esoteric, Occult, Synchronicity and conspiracy. We have a wide range of discussions that equal some of the most thought provoking ideas I have yet to discover on the web yet. The forum is devoted to finding real TRUTH.

    Many of the forum members have blogs, books or have regular web shows devoted to spreading the information we are interested in.

    I hope to see you post sometime.


  29. The Necromancer Says:

    Arc: Thanks for the link. Interesting stuff.

  30. splicedt Says:

    Just found your blog. Are you Pagan?

  31. The Necromancer Says:

    Hmm…That’s a tough one. Like “Christian”, “Pagan” can mean so many things. In ancient Rome all it meant was “the people” — the pagani/paganus. Common folk — the rural peasantry, etc., etc. There was certainly a connection here to living on the land, and being deeply connected to it. Though I am connected deeply to the living, I experience the same disfunctional alienation from “nature” that everybody living in the modern world does. In that sense few who claim to be Pagans these days really are.

    I’m a vitalist. Vitalism has some sympathies with animism, and even the modern European use of that word can be see as diverting from the Christian paradigm. And as sort of Pagan. In a way, after the fall of Rome, all secular philosophy, popular culture, common wisdom and general appreciation of the vital, living spirit of the Earth can be seen as Pagan.

    Does that answer your question?

  32. splicedt Says:

    It does, and I appreciate your bothering to answer a personal question from a stranger.

    Most modern “Pagans” don’t really understand the fact that spirit and material aren’t separate, or even what that statement would even mean, so I appreciate your sentiments. Lost is the modern world in the perversion of logos.

  33. Tim Boucher Says:

    Hey, are you in Montreal? I found your site (again, after some time) via a search for “occult montreal herbalism”… I’m living on the South Shore and if you’re in town, it could be interesting to have coffee sometime! Email me. Ciao…

  34. The Necromancer Says:

    @Tim: Alas, even though Montreal will always be my home town and I lived there for 30+ years I’m not there right now. Working in the US, in Michigan, teaching at a university. Otherwise I’d love to get together. I might be up for a visit to see friends sometime in the fall. November? I dunno…

  35. kirsty-victorine Says:

    Just to say, I’ve nominated you for the shine on award; I’m not sure if u do awards, but I really wanted to nominate you. Your blog inspires me so much! Thank you so much for the inspiration. Check out the nomination link: http://presentorigin.wordpress.com/
    Kirsty X

  36. The Necromancer Says:

    Thanks Kirsty! I don’t really “do” awards, but your shout out and interest is much appreciated. Glad to be a source of inspiration. Keep on blogging!

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