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Olympic Sun

May 25, 2012

Olympic Sun

Lone fishing trawler
Clouds and snow-capped peaks beyond
A sun soaked shore


May 24, 2012


May 21, 2012


May 20, 2012

Taken here.


May 15, 2012


Beneath the tower
Light dappling through spring leaves
A bell! Brief wisdom

On Scientism

May 14, 2012

Interesting article in The New Republic on scientism and the virtue of knowledge created by the humanities.


May 11, 2012


Michigan in May
Croaking, chirping life abounds
And I say nothing

Notes Towards a Short Story Inspired by Lovecraft

May 6, 2012

Malevolent forms.

The dark ichor of shapeless shadows.

Fiendish pulsating polyps.

Mean beasts with myriad eyes and twisted, horn-like fangs. Hellspawn that befouled the earth before time itself.

Giddy with forbidden knowledge, of names too horrible to speak aloud, of dark designs and glyphs recalling rites of monstrous immoral bestial doom and the shapes of things best not know by men.

Venomous and dripping, possessed with a menacing hunger, these forms were carried by their mind-mad masters across the stars, from galaxies still unknown, to the caves beneath the still bubbling seas of eons past. And there they grew…

Beings of incomprehensible size and shape, unburdened by the known laws of life, the mere sight of which would surely guarantee instant and irreversible gibbering madness — insanity without cure.

Black Book of the Skull. Greek; only known surviving copy at Dwayne University in Amoston, Kansas. Latin; incomplete. English copy by Crowley published by Starry Wisdom press in the 1920s.

Black Tome of Alsophocus. Written by wizard Alsophocus of Erongill. Latin extant? Miskatonic.

Book of Iod. Discusses Iod, the Shining Hunter, Vervados, and a being, Zuchequon. Gnostic influence?

L’Histoire des Planetes. Tome written in 1792 by Laurent de Longnez. May be a translation of a 17th century work, Die Geschichte des Planeten by Eberhard Ketzer. Describes the cacophonous “music of the spheres”.

Necrolatry. “Worship of the Dead”. Book written by Ivor Gorstadt, published in 1702 in Leipzig. Extant copy at Miskatonic?


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