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Warm Up

January 26, 2012

Pyramid Intercom

January 18, 2012

In “light” of the PIPA/SOPA protests. Found here.

Glances could kill. Love was outlawed.

January 17, 2012

This, I feel, is the best of the six word stories from my now defunct blog. It’s also my response to the short story challenge presented by Aggie on Sithy Things. Hope it’s not too verbose…


January 15, 2012

It’s Robert Anton Wilson (RAW) week over at Boing Boing. A nice selection of articles to check out. In an effort to participate, I offer a link to my elegiac post about RAW, The Earth Will Shake, a piece I wrote many moons ago…

Remembrance of Beaches Past

January 14, 2012

Zombie Bees!

January 12, 2012

Or…”Zom-bees”. A recent article in the science news section of The Telegraph suggests that one of the possible explanations for colony collapse disorder (CCD), which I’ve written about before, is that honey bees are the victims of the parasitism of a species of fly, Apocephalus borealis. A. borealis, already known to target bumble bees, lays its eggs in the host bees. They then begin to display “zombie-like” behavior, abandoning their hives and seeking out light. Eventually, they die when the fly larvae hatch. It’s unclear whether this is an emerging phenomenon. Honey bees have been closely studied for years, and this parasitic relationship has never been noticed before.

Nature. Weirder than we can possibly imagine.


January 4, 2012

“Sahsima, meaning ‘harpoon’, was the original name identified by Songhees elder James Fraser for the point where the Chinese Cemetery is located: Hayls the Transformer, with spirit companions Raven and Mink, came by in his canoe, frightening away the seal the harpooner had been stalking. The harpooner rebuked them. Hayls turned him to stone as he stood there poised to throw the harpoon, saying, ‘you’ll be boss for seals…from Sooke to Nanaimo.'”

Incinerator Rock

January 3, 2012


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