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Reid’s Raven

December 24, 2010

Found here.

Eagleton on the Death of Universities

December 19, 2010

Cultural theorist Terry Eagleton in The Guardian on the decline of the humanities in universities and how this undermines the very concept. This post doesn’t mean I’m coming out of retirement — I just liked the concise and concentrated coherence of his piece…

Cinq-Cent Bornes

December 7, 2010

I fondly remember the classic French card game Mille Bornes. The premise was simple — you’re an automobile rally driver, trying to accumulate a thousand (mille) “milestones” (bornes). Interesting that word — milestone — literally a stone marking the miles on a road. There is wonderful solidity about this as an object. It seems a uniquely European affair, belonging on roads with history and permanence. We imbue the word with similar meaning in life too…

A milestone is more than an “event”, simply put. It’s an occurrence in life we see as significant and noteworthy. Apt descriptor, really. In a world overly inclined towards the impermanent, ephemeral, even simulated, we might be moved to mark our experience with this sort of deeper imprint — aiming for greater permanence and depth.

But that’s not our world; our world is change. So much of our “objective” world is envisioned as hurtling towards obsolescence. It’s either malleable or disposable. All very un-milestone, this. Which is fine, really. My desire to mark this milestone — my 500th post — through some act of greater permanency or solidity is thoroughly in keeping with my contrarian approach to, well, just about everything.

Alas, this is a virtual venue and there isn’t much to be done about making a concrete mark in such a transient medium. Or maybe there is…

So here’s the deal. I’m looking to make lasting links and connections through this ambient aether, and so if any of the last four hundred and ninety-nine posts have been interesting to you or struck you in some way then I have a modest proposal; If you haven’t made the effort to link to this blog yet then I’d ask you to do so. I’ll follow whatever links I run across, returning the favor.

And, well, I’ll keep marking the path, aiming for further milestones. Mille bornes, here I come…


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