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11 Responses to “Darkwood”

  1. thelocalguide Says:

    Great photo.

  2. Dennis the Vizsla Says:

    I love this one and the “Fairies” shot too. Very cool.

  3. The Necromancer Says:

    localguide: Thanks.

    DtV: Appreciate it. They were both taken around same spot. An effect of the light and atmosphere that you can’t recreate.

  4. Skybluepink Says:

    Stunning shot…follow the light, the reward is worth it!

  5. enreal Says:

    My mouth dropped open when I saw this…would you mind if I created a poem and published your photo with it (recognizing you, of course)? Let me know!

  6. The Necromancer Says:

    enreal: Sure, why not. I’d be honoured. :)

  7. nursemyra Says:


  8. amarilla Says:

    Something dropped open when I saw this but it wasn’t my mouth, not sure what it was. Hope, maybe? The gravity is very calming.

  9. The Necromancer Says:

    nursemyra: Thanks.

    amarilla: Appreciate the wonderfully worded comment. Especially given your own talent behind the lens.

  10. Journals Of Enreal Says:

    […] poem inspired by a beautiful photograph taken by The Necromancer… thank you for the inspiratio… […]

  11. michaelm Says:

    Now I can see where Enreal got her inspiration.

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