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From the Necronomicon

October 31, 2009

“Many and multiform are the dim horrors of Earth, infesting her ways from the prime. They sleep beneath the unturned stone; they rise with the tree from its roots; they move beneath the sea and in subterranean places; they dwell in the inmost adyta; they emerge betimes from the shutten sepulcher of haughty bronze and the low grave that is sealed with clay. There be some that are long known to man, and others as yet unknown that abide the terrible latter days of their revealing. Those which are the most dreadful and the loathliest of all are haply still to be declared. But among those that have revealed themselves aforetime and have made manifest their veritable presence, there is one which may not openly be named for its exceeding foulness. It is that spawn which the hidden dweller in the vaults has begotten upon mortality.”

Clark Ashton Smith, “The Nameless Offspring” (1932).

A Misty Hill

October 21, 2009

Not wanting to break the chain, I sit
In a stone circle, atop a misty hill.
Clouds hang low, bringing hushed tones
To verdant landscapes.
Gone are sunny summer days,
Replaced by red and auburn glints
Dappled across grey horizons.
Like steely legions marching to Gehenna,
Streaming wisps arc above and perform,
An aerial danse macabre.
As light begins to dim, a last promise
The ebb of day, tantalizes the spirit.
Alas, damp heavy air signals another fate
As soft breezes start to stir,
Through lush native grasses.
A black squirrel, a bold invader
Like a crusading knight in Holy Lands,
Collects warmth for newfound hearth.
Perched on a rock, at the edge of evening,
A regal raptor watches.
Not wanting to break the chain, I sit
In a stone circle, atop a misty hill.


October 19, 2009



October 16, 2009


Sweet Peas

October 9, 2009


Carl Sagan, High!?

October 7, 2009

Is this really all that hard to believe? I mean the guy stared off into space for a living. Duh.

How many joints did you smoke in your time, Dr. Sagan?

“Billions and billions.”

By way of the stoners over at Boing Boing.

Chestnut Tree

October 6, 2009

Light rippling through leaves
Spiky orbs drop, much for a
Squirrel’s amusement.


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