Taken in Pacific Rim National Park, Tofino, British Columbia.

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9 Responses to “Etude”

  1. Skybluepink Says:

    These are stunning!

  2. Dennis the Vizsla Says:

    That place looks so desolate in the fog … I love it!

  3. ricki Says:

    Spooky, but in a good way. Tres Miles Davis with overtones of Philip Glass…

  4. The Necromancer Says:

    SBP: So are you… ;)

    DV: Thanks!

    ricki: Tofino in the rain is actually quite jazzy…And minimalist.

  5. kimber Says:


  6. s'mat Says:

    Eerie stuff! The bottom pic, is that of the tidal plane in the bay?

  7. The Necromancer Says:

    kimber: Thanks. More the subject matter than me, really.

    s’mat: Schooner Cove. About a 1 Km hike through the rainforest to get down there. A magical little spot I’ve only been to twice…

  8. enreal Says:

    You demonstrated your skill…I can hear the melody between the droplets of fog…

  9. nursemyra Says:

    Love the small flash of colour visible in the middle photograph.

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