From the Greek “wanderer” comes the word planet. As reported in the New York Times astronomers have recently imaged an extra-solar planet. Hundreds have already been inferred from observations, but this is the first actual visual evidence. Interestingly, one of the members of the research team works at the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, just up the road here in Saanich. Stellar.

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2 Responses to “Wanderer”

  1. s'mat Says:

    …and you’re back! Funny, my statcounter no. 1 search-engine referral is for the phrase ‘Greek word for planet’…I get at least one hit a day for that.
    In Pegasus? 10, 9, and 6 times the size of Jupiter? Astral sizing has always boggled my mind, and reminds me of this vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qysS9xThKXc
    My Cephei is about 23+ AUs in diameter!!! (Assuming i’ve done the math right)…
    Also, did you see the methane on Mars and the northern lights on Saturn recently?

  2. The Necromancer Says:

    S’Mat: Back indeed. Those extra-solar planets have to be big to be seen. Smaller ones doubtless exist. Been playing that video for my students in the last couple of years. Awesome.
    Northern light on Saturn? Must keep up. Visible by the folks on Titan, surely. ;)
    Beer soon? Perchance next week…

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