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November 13, 2008

Thinking about connections, networks, associations and links these days. Call it a Bourdieusian moment. Little to be done but offer up some interconnections and intersections:

— For all you bookish boy scouts out there, Anxious Mo-fo presents us with an idea both elegantly brilliant and totally ridiculous: literature merit badges. Love it!

— This has nothing to do with pointed passions. Just think the intersection of politics and fashion is currently fascinating. If you agree, I urge clicking over to Skybluepink.

George Orwell once wrote an essay entitled Books v. Cigarettes, a title since turned into a collection of his work. Were you to add “pictures” to the title, it would be an ideal alternate moniker for The Smoking Section. Vila is currently in the depths of writing a PhD, so head on over and give her some words of encouragement…

— The Art Gallery of Ontario has been given a striking face lift by way of Frank Gehry. Much as I am reticent (as devoted Montrealer) to admit it, this puts Toronto on the map, civilizationally speaking.

Another mysterious foot has washed on to British Columbia shores. This is the sixth in the space of a few years. I welcome theories and speculations.

As the boys at Boing Boing suggest: “Something is definitely afoot”. Brilliant…


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