Dude, Why Does Anyone Live Around Here?

Was mean out there today in the 514. Blustery, slippery, and pretty pointless. I didn’t bother noting the passing of the spring equinox in this venue (although I celebrated it with a Dionysian beer fest-fueled jaunt home from the Main at 3-ish and nearly died from exposure — mind you, it’s a long walk, partly across what are, for lack of a better term, the snowy wastes of the Lachine canal), because it doesn’t feel like spring. At all.

Well, the light is a bit longer. And the sun is a little stronger. Sorta.

To wit, my title. I mean, really, what posses us as Montrealers to even bother some days? There has been some epic snowfalls this season. Paralyzing.

After one last near record super crazy bad and long winter I never really needed to live through, I’m out of here soon and never coming back between October and April. That’s my new rule. Maybe I’ll never come back again.

Wow, that would be hard…

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17 Responses to “Dude, Why Does Anyone Live Around Here?”

  1. stifledsoul Says:


  2. enreal Says:

    You see…There is always worth in something…It is a matter of thought. Montreal? I have never been…And shall heed your advice of avoiding October through April…But there must be something worth living there if “that would be hard”.

  3. The Necromancer Says:

    ss: Care to elaborate?

    enreal: There is something. Memory. Montreal is all nostalgia, history and the past. That would be hard to leave forever…

  4. monica Says:

    It was easy for me!

  5. uberfrau Says:

    I am so happy I don’t live there.

  6. The Necromancer Says:

    monica and uberfrau: Um, like, you know…We can’t all be California girls.

  7. uberfrau Says:

    But we all wish we were.

  8. Shefaly Says:

    A mean, snowed-out, full-throttle winter (even spring) is better than the piddling-rain-sodden, sleet-apology-ridden winter we have in the UK (well, most of it).

    Long Live Snow and Extreme Bitter Cold Winters! ;-)

  9. Isis2024 Says:

    Ohhh..pleaasssee…’we all wish we were California girls’? Really…What exactly are California girls anyway? Valley girls? LA Laker girls? A whole state of fake people…Led by a really big and goofy wannabe actor? I would love to live in California if it weren’t for Californians…lol.

    Although I am visiting SF tomorrow…Somehow I have a feeling it will be Montreal lite — less calories, less filling.

  10. Stiletto Says:

    “although I celebrated it with a Dionysian beer fest-fueled jaunt”

    Now we understand each other. :)

    [See last comment]

  11. uberfrau Says:

    Isis, you kill me! What about the hippies and tree huggers? The bohemian bourgeois? The migrant workers? The pot growers? The farmers? The computer nerds and dorks? The middle aged balding Buddhists with pony tails? The Tibetan prayer flags everywhere? The wine, oh the wine? The traffic? What about salsa dancing and year-round fruit? The fact that nobody ever talks about the weather — ever — because there is nothing to talk about?

  12. uberfrau Says:

    P.S. You should still come and visit Sparky, now that you’re all flushed with employment and all. I should be visiting Montreal this summer.

  13. uberfrau Says:

    P.S. Wait, Wait…Isis….Is that who I think it is? Why aren’t you calling to hang out?

  14. The Necromancer Says:

    I’ll come visit when you guys get rid of the middle aged balding Buddhists with ponytails. Until then, I’m going to reserve judgment… :)

  15. uberfrau Says:

    But if we outlawed the middle aged balding Buddhists — you wouldn’t be aloud in.

  16. The Necromancer Says:

    That’s a stretch…

  17. uberfrau Says:

    Damn, allowed. Not a stretch at all.

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