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Dude, Why Does Anyone Live Around Here?

March 21, 2008

Was mean out there today in the 514. Blustery, slippery, and pretty pointless. I didn’t bother noting the passing of the spring equinox in this venue (although I celebrated it with a Dionysian beer fest-fueled jaunt home from the Main at 3-ish and nearly died from exposure — mind you, it’s a long walk, partly across what are, for lack of a better term, the snowy wastes of the Lachine canal), because it doesn’t feel like spring. At all.

Well, the light is a bit longer. And the sun is a little stronger. Sorta.

To wit, my title. I mean, really, what posses us as Montrealers to even bother some days? There has been some epic snowfalls this season. Paralyzing.

After one last near record super crazy bad and long winter I never really needed to live through, I’m out of here soon and never coming back between October and April. That’s my new rule. Maybe I’ll never come back again.

Wow, that would be hard…


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