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The March of Time

March 1, 2008

Originally had very different intentions for this post. Different title, too. It was “The Catacombs of Time”, and the essential thrust was a maudlin mixed bag of the usual suspects — nostalgia, history, the dark linings of silver clouds.

Instead, I’m taking a different tack. Life’s like that. You wake up one day and really, truly say: “OK…enough of this…I’m bored”. Bored with your own antics, your own self-delusions, your own lies (“oh no, not the lies too!”). That happened yesterday. The impact was, how should I say, deep. An extinction level event.

So, there are new horizons on the horizon, some modicum of rationality returning (“was it ever there to begin with?”), and a general plan of action. That’s all I’m prepared to say at this point. The refocusing (more like changing lenses in a telescope than simply adjusting a pair of binoculars — i.e. a whole new world view) involves, with apologies to Vila, an avoidance of “smoking sections” (of ALL sorts…). Will be interesting, however, to find new places to hang out…

And that’s pretty much the shift. Towards the new. Unexpected for someone so passionately preoccupied with the old. But in the game of life there are no hard and fast rules. Except maybe to go hard and fast…

Or not. The process will probably feel like waiting for polar ice caps to melt (which isn’t, after all, what it used to be). But that’s the thing about time…It marches…Step-by-step.

I’m keeping the other title, though — will make a great short story. In time.


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