Hanging at the CIA

Espionage fantasies aside, I haven’t somehow ended up in Langley hanging with the agency. Sadly, the acronym stands for Calgary International Airport, which isn’t really that international when you’re trying to catch zees on artfully designed chairs with chrome strategically located in all the wrong places during a nine hour layover. Then there’s the option of wandering around with all your gear on a cart in a non-descript corporate space, distinguished as Calgary only by some bad sculptures of guys wearing cowboys hats doing stuff that guys wearing cowboys hats do. Add to that the fact that it was the middle of the night and I would have rather been getting drunk beside a bonfire…

But it’s worth it. And after this jet-set version of a slow caravan across the Sahara, I think I’m done with cross-continental travel for a spell.

Montreal, and all of its oh-so-soulful denizens, will be missed. But times and people change. Hopefully, for the better. Au revoir a tous

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2 Responses to “Hanging at the CIA”

  1. uberfrau Says:

    During lay overs- I pass my time making up ridiculous histories for the people around me.

  2. Stiletto Says:

    Ah yes, Langley – not too far away from me. I once bought pot from someone at Langley – we were right at CIA Headquarters. There’s this garden and greenhouse right when you enter…I am looking for info on it but it seems to have all but disappeared on the net! Strange….I remember it was named after someone…ok, this is going to drive me nuts!

    I just thought it a very strange location, very out of place to have this greenhouse…or whatever it was, it was so long ago!

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