Totally Mind Blowing

OK…I don’t use lame titles unless I mean it, so this discovery is exactly as described above. If it’s actually genuine and not some bizarre return to the lame days of Piltdown Man (bad research…very bad research…bad, bad…like P.T. Barnum bad), then this is going to blow the doors off a few sacred cows, for sure. That’s major high technology (and art, no less….) from 35,000 or whatever the hell it is years ago. That’s way before any of my timelines…And I’m a damn historian. Unbelievable discovery. Like Lascaux.

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3 Responses to “Totally Mind Blowing”

  1. Irina Says:

    I hope it is true/correct/real!! What an amazing thought….35,000 year old human art…I mean, we assume it was made by humans anyway…..hmmm

  2. wolfgrrrl Says:

    I look forward to all the heated debates and archaeological mud-slinging (both literally and figuratively) that this discovery will inspire….

  3. The Necromancer Says:

    Should be good. This adds to evidence of a clever and artistic pre-historic man. Continues to challenge the old adage that “civilization” blossoms in sedentary settings alone. Lots of these nomadic cultures appeared to produce some pretty incredible stuff.

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