Dead People, Dying Ideas and My Life

The historian Arnold Toynbee once remarked that those who revive old ideas give new meaning to seemingly dead notions, dabbling in the black art of necromancy. Like many of the people who will be mentioned in this rambling exploration into the dark and unexplored corners of history, both the kind you find in books and my own, he is dead. And yet he is far from gone…

I’m a historian (by trade and inclination) fascinated by the ideas and concepts of memory and time, so these will be major themes. Then again, who knows where creative evolution will take this living process of record and chronicle.

I’ve been a writer all my life, and have a store of material written by hand — a personal archive, if you will — that will also make its way into the experiment. I plan to play with the ebb and flow of time in this endeavor.

A modest beginning, to be sure, but a beginning nonetheless. Let’s see where this takes us…

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13 Responses to “Dead People, Dying Ideas and My Life”

  1. Dianna Says:

    ps. You still owe me a carton of cigarettes.

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  4. Michaelm Says:

    Did you ever give Dianna her carton of ciggies?

  5. The Necromancer Says:

    MM: Umm…No.

  6. Mary Bennett Says:

    I also think you should give Dianna her carton of cigarettes – or something of equal value if she’s given it up by now.

  7. The Necromancer Says:

    I consider Dianna and I even. There is a good chance she owes me a couple of bottles of gin…Bombay Saphire, no less.

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  9. Octarin Says:

    I am also in agreement that you owe Dianna a carton of fags…I am also amazed. I have lived my entire life with a historian by trade and hobby and an author as well, my father. I am thinking of just reading everything from the beginning. You intrigued me.

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  12. chronosynclasticteacosy Says:

    Don’t know Diana but I think it’s time for her to collect….

  13. The Necromancer Says:

    Yeah, maybe…

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