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November 12, 2014



October 30, 2014



October 17, 2014


Otter Point No.3

October 8, 2014



June 5, 2014


Late light, crows speaking
Half-moon bright above the trees
Black winged brothers

Coast Trail

July 4, 2013


Dusk Over Sooke Harbour No.2

June 4, 2013


Watching a Sparrow

May 23, 2013

I’m watching a sparrow. He’s grasping with his little talons to the skeletal, barren top of a windblown bush, just by the shore. Both sides of the top of his feathery, fuzzy head are decorated with a screaming bright splash of yellow. His brown body blends completely into the surrounding bush but for this canary coloring.

But what sets him apart is his song. Perched with headstrong will, steeled to the wind and grasping to a branch, he lets out a beautiful trilling chirp in response to one of his fellows further down the beach. As the wind gusts even harder and his branch sways by unpredictable turns, I’m amazed at this fellow’s plucky determination — deftly maneuvering his perching as he sings out with seeming intentional glee.

A strong, sudden bit of gale blows him off the branch and he swoops down below the wind, flapping to a landing a few feet downwind, behind the shelter of the bush. I can no longer see him in the underbrush. I can’t even spot that patch of yellow.

But I still hear him, singing his sparrow song, undeterred at being rudely blown off his lovely high perch.

Today, I say to myself, I will be like this sparrow, and sing out regardless of where the fates may blow me.


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