Gran Torino


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4 Responses to “Gran Torino”

  1. Dennis the Vizsla Says:

    Is it sad that at first I thought the missing handle/keyhole was a bullet hole? And I haven’t even seen the film “Gran Torino” yet …

  2. Jeb Says:

    Being even sadder I did not get the Gran Torino link but had the same thought followed by…It should have a body in it and be at the bottom of the lake. The next thought, WTF where did that come from?

    We don’t have cars like that in the U.K. I only every see them in the movies, couple of nights ago I watched a corrupt politician blowing his head off in a similar vehicle. Last night a range of activities from death to drug busts.

  3. Jeb Says:

    P.S. My only uncertainty was if the deed was done by an urban gangster or crazed six-fingered hillbilly. Such is my rich understanding of life in North America.

  4. The Necromancer Says:

    @DtV: Good film…A bit grim in its ending as Eastwood’s recent films tend to be.

    @Jeb: LOL! Given where I took the picture, I’d go with the hillbilly. Not too many cars like this left in North America either. This was sitting in a driveway on Vancouver Island, a place with a mild climate where cars tend to last…

    Well, longer than corrupt politicians who see no other way out at least.

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