The Philosophy of Slack 4: Slack as a Way of Being

Perhaps ironically, slack can be understood as a way of non-being. A way (even “The Way”) implies a path and destination. Slack knows it’s more about the journey. Aimlessness is a virtue. “The un-aimed arrow never misses the target.” Ways of being (even Being) imply proscriptions, disciplines, and “goals”. Slack asserts (weakly) that being is the “goal”; or, more properly, non-being. In any event, being and non-being are one, as incomprehensible without one another (in spite of the fact that one is incomprehensible) as night without day.

Slack appreciates the Zen, but is too lazy to put in that much of an effort. Lao Tzu’s “Way” (that isn’t a way…), the “tao”, is admirable, but too proscribed for the Discordian tone of non-being slack advocates. This is, if slack advocated anything…

Slack, one should further mention, is not to be equated with nihilism as a result of its vague, half-hearted assertion of non-being. Rather, even nihilism, the embrace of nothingness, is an ideological act too charged with meaning for slack. Slack would be nihilism, if it bothered; that is, if slack was actually being.

But, as noted, it is non-being. Maybe.

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3 Responses to “The Philosophy of Slack 4: Slack as a Way of Being”

  1. kerrjac Says:

    Yeah, but slack lacks gumption.

    Aimlessness doesn’t strike me as inherently bad. Intellectually, I grow weary of ‘theories’; and I am sometimes suspect when a person strings together logical precepts in order to give his life a rational aim. But just as bad is when someone sees that’s impossible, and gives up entirely. That is to say, having an aim shouldn’t drive action, but the converse holds as well: not having an aim shouldn’t drive inaction.

    But when not having an aim does drive inaction, then that’s slack. It might make good art, as in Tennyson’s The Lotus Eaters, but that’s about all it’s good for.

  2. amarilla Says:

    I keep thinking about Sloth, specifically, if it weren’t for sloth, there could be no elegance, and I think this has to do with how being drapes as non-being.

  3. The Necromancer Says:

    @kerrjec: “It might make good art…but that’s about all it’s good for” — what else do you need?

    @amarilla: I like the word “sloth”. ;)

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