Aphorisms for August

Success in the modern world is largely determined by how well one conforms to the various “systems” (social, economic, political) currently endorsed by the established order. A failure of the system is a victory for true individuality.

Contemporary intellectual thought can essentially be reduced to a process of filling in the proper boxes.

The news is designed to stifle opposition and curb dissent with the overwhelming message: “Just be glad you don’t live here.”

Modern bourgeois women can consume a man’s whole life with their need for security and support, this in exchange for love, which all of us are innately deserving of.

The tyranny of the majority is like a tide – an inevitable natural force.

Technology and resistance: Any effective resistance to the established order requires the use of technology (for communications, if nothing else). Yet all resistance is ultimately subsumed under the rubric of technological universalism. In this respect, the old adage, “resistance is futile” remains apt.

Individuals – human beings – long for mystery and the unknown. States and institutions abhor them. An essential tension results.

Humanity is now as a teeming mass of insects, each individual specialized in their replaceable capacity, no one ant more important or notable than any other. Still, the queen serves the colony and the colony serves the queen.

We eschew complexity at our peril. It is the lifespring; the diversity of existence. In a quest for order, we tamed and trained matter, threatening its inherent (molecular and genetic) difference. Sameness and uniformity are both progress and death. The very meaning of the material real is transformed – oversimplified; becoming a petrified monolith of artifice.

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2 Responses to “Aphorisms for August”

  1. ricki Says:

    More down on (in?) august:

  2. IR Says:

    This post struck a chord as I’ve been thinking a lot about the essence of individuality – if it indeed exists at all. While there are other themes present here, this is what came to my mind, and the following thought: I certainly hope that individuality exists, and believe that we strive for it. Yet each stride we take towards individuality is likely fuelled by or modelled after something from the collective – at least in part.

    While it’s not a startling revelation by any means, I’m having an interesting time with that thought lately, and appreciated that this post had me thinking about it again.

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