Reality is just an illusion. A shell. Like the conch you put to your ear to try and hear the sound of the sea, there’s a twisting mass of grooved pathways to the true living core, within.

I haven’t found the key, but sometimes the door comes ajar. I shiver at the possibilities inside. They’re perhaps not to be known…

I remember symbols and sigils from ages beyond memory. Language from the root of the cerebellum. It’s all so complex. Like following a trail leading you back to the beginning of the maze. You think you have awoken, when in fact you are still dreaming.

There are dark forms, too. Great cyclopean cities filled with ancient tomes we shall never know. Immense, living and truly universal. Beings of unimaginable size and bizarre shape.

As I awoke and wrote, it seemed urgent to record the experience — the glyphs on the walls of my mind, messages from the dawn of time, inscribed by otherworldly draftsmen — architects with eternal tools. Now it’s all fading from view — re-entombed in the sarcophagi of eternity.

It dims so quickly, the sense of terror mixed with pure enlightenment. Maybe that’s as it should be; we return to the day, the dull routines of lighted life. So that we may be sane, pedestrian. I am sure it’s still there, beckoning…

To write makes it real, but also unreal. For it is a place, all places, as concrete as a pier leading to the merest edge of the deepest ocean. Day dawns, birds chirp, but I know there is a silver key, held by a mystical chain.

Multus anum eo deus trans electus. None-sense now. Must stop…

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6 Responses to “Dreamworld”

  1. enreal Says:

    This has to be one of the coolest things I have ever read…I know too well about these dreams…Yet you express it so eloquently. You seem to see the meaning of it all and remember the details…Even though there are so many…You are right, it is all so complex, and so real… ****kudos**** thank you so much for this!

  2. The Necromancer Says:

    enreal: Something told me I’d hear from you with this one. It was truly one of the most vivid dream-scapes I can remember. I bolted upright with the rising sun and wrote the first draft of this as a kind of automatic response. Intense doesn’t even begin to describe it. Again, glad you appreciated it…

  3. enreal Says:

    Call me a dreamer…It was great…Read it again…Still terrific, if not more so the second and third time around. I envy this, for I have lost something of my dreams as of late…they elude me…they are there, yet I remember them not. hopefully my mind will not explode. :) when I wake I try so hard to hold onto some of the vision, yet it makes no sense to me…like learning a phrase in another language only to try to remember what that phrase had been…

    Sorry…rambling…need sleep…hopefully my dreams will come…thanks ~N

  4. The Necromancer Says:

    Hope the dreams come more vividly and memorably for you…

  5. amarilla Says:

    I’m excited for your lucid escape, if brief. Did you draw any of the symbols you saw?

    As an aside, I was wondering if you came across this and what your perspective would be on the subject. Perhaps it’s something you don’t have time for, though.


  6. The Necromancer Says:

    Amarilla: Sadly, I didn’t draw any symbols…They passed in a flash. Thanks for the link. A fascinating post — I had to comment. Maybe I should write a detailed answer to that one. Certainly something I have thought about a fair bit. Stay tuned…

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