Carl Sagan, High!?

Is this really all that hard to believe? I mean the guy stared off into space for a living. Duh.

How many joints did you smoke in your time, Dr. Sagan?

“Billions and billions.”

By way of the stoners over at Boing Boing.

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7 Responses to “Carl Sagan, High!?”

  1. enreal Says:

    It began here…with this article, then ventured to another, than another, than a comment with this video link…Trippy and weird.


  2. The Necromancer Says:

    This is downright bizarre. Glad I could lead you down the rabbit hole…

  3. Stiletto Says:


  4. Stiletto Says:

    I have a friend who majored in aerospace engineering and he is a pot fiend. Hmm.

  5. The Necromancer Says:

    No surprise there — getting stoned often makes you want to build stuff. And then eat it…

  6. iheartfilm Says:

    That remix is seriously the coolest fucking thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  7. The Necromancer Says:

    Tru dat.

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