Berlin Letters

A funky book review of Isaiah Berlin‘s letters (1946-1960) in Literary Review, which reveals an introspective scholar who challenged conventional historical sensibilities. I mentioned Berlin a while ago in one of my rambling book posts. Berlin’s ideas about romanticism are seminal, his influence on the profession of history profound. Humanism, liberalism, criticism. A broad swath.

Another find by way of the always energizing Arts & Letters Daily.

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5 Responses to “Berlin Letters”

  1. uberfrau Says:

    I really miss the poetry.

  2. The Necromancer Says:

    uberfrau: A comment from you is like a ray of sunshine in my blogging world. Now I feel like summer has truly begun. All I got coming up is poetic pictures of mountains in the next few days. But I promise the genuine article in July. Really. I swear.

  3. uberfrau Says:

    You’re such a flatterer. :) All I could think of was positive vs. negative liberty and that essay he wrote. btw-the password for my latest blog entry is duckman.

  4. The Necromancer Says:

    I aim to please. Will check out that new post of yours, too…

  5. Berlin Article « The Necromancer Says:

    […] Berlin in the Chronicle of Higher Education. He’s been mentioned within these virtual pages before. Seems the last few years have witnessed a Berlin renaissance of […]

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