Giordano Bruno, Maverick

Another review, this one in the New York Times, of the new Rowland biography of Bruno, which has been mentioned here before. The reviewer sees the maverick Neapolitan as having mixed influences — at times both unconventional and traditional. One line in particular is quite interesting, as Bruno’s work is characterized as “theologically inspired science fiction.” I would describe his thought as a form of animistic astronomy, or even a visionary vitalism.

Via Arts & Letters Daily.

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4 Responses to “Giordano Bruno, Maverick”

  1. kerrjac Says:

    Reminds me off the bat of the creator of X-Files stated intention of the show being for a “non-religious person looking for religious experience”. Link.

  2. The Necromancer Says:

    kerrjac: I feel ya. In a related sense Bruno and the X-Files share a sensibility that “the truth is out there.”

  3. Habits of the Soul « The Necromancer Says:

    [...] schools! Was the soul a shadow seated in the house of sin? Or was the body really in the soul, as Giordano Bruno thought? The separation of spirit from matter was a mystery, and the union of spirit with matter [...]

  4. Gnostic Ephemera « The Necromancer Says:

    [...] of Man. “Hermetic man…” (111). – Man’s potential. (113) – Giordano Bruno (1548-1600). Hermeticism. Living. “Anima Mundi.” “Thus everything…” [...]

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