You Know You’re Having an Off Day When…

You score over 400 points playing Scrabble, and still lose. That’s with two bingos (CREATOR and SITUATE). Situation brought about by unfortunate combination of mid-January micro-blizzard and current chronic underemployment.

Must post that historian for hire sign out on the front lawn. Again.

4 Responses to “You Know You’re Having an Off Day When…”

  1. Metro Says:

    Have you thought about standing outside Gary Lunn’s office with a sign saying “will rewrite history for food”?

    Re: Scrabble: Mme Metro hates playing me because I play a tight board. I haven’t yet told her it’s so as to avoid her constant stream of bingoes!

    May I ask what words your opponent bingoed with?

    Good luck on the employment front, and thanks for stopping by the Metroblog.

  2. The Necromancer Says:

    Exactly, I am a natural resource. Untapped, no less.

    Appreciate the positive vibes — the search is just beginning. But there’s already a few prospects on the horizon.

    Sadly, I don’t remember the opponents words — just remember that all the Zs and Qs were on that side of the board…And at a certain point I’m pretty sure I was saddled with 3 Os and 3 Is. Oi!

  3. Shefaly Says:

    Hey, tried playing Scrabulous on Facebook? There is a ‘cheating’ software too – which may help ;-)

    I am not suggesting that *I* use it; if I did, I might have one game at least by now under the ‘games won’ bit. Oh, well. I am better at other things..

  4. On My Desk, Vol.5 « The Necromancer Says:

    […] Yeah, well. I’ve already admitted to my addiction. […]

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