The Elusive Present

What is this construct known as the present? We cling to it longingly, as if it were here to stay, though it may never have been at all. It is part of the vernacular and comes in a wide array of colours: This moment, for the time being, right now, currently, at the present time. All this is mere illusion, for the present exists ephemerally, even though it is regarded as something greater.

We take comfort in the present because it is thought of as something concrete one can have a sense of control over. What is present, is. This in contrast to the past, which is foggy, sketchy or even forgotten — and the future, which is uncertain.

Yet, in truth, the present is a hollow, short-lived comfort zone. In the instant it comes into being, it’s real. After that, it’s past. What lies ahead is unknown.

We don’t truly live in the present, since such an undertaking is impractical. In fact, we are the product of our past, but for an instant, and are driven to continue by the hopes, dreams, and expectations of the future. The present is folly, offering princely rewards to those who understand it for what it is and isn’t.

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4 Responses to “The Elusive Present”

  1. uberfrau Says:

    Have you been smoking weed again?

  2. xanthium Says:

    Yeah, dude, that’s so deep. Must be because you’re the necromancer.

  3. The Necromancer Says:

    uberfrau and xanthium: Wow…I forgot how erudite and profound your comments used to be.

  4. Vitalism and Time « The Necromancer Says:

    [...] after a moment’s reflection leaves us dumbfounded, breathless. Time is all. It is what was, is, will [...]

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