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June 20, 2006

Obsession is the driving force in human progress, if indeed there is such a thing. Perhaps it is better to say that obsession keeps Vico’s slowly upward twirling spiral moving, like a screw painfully and slowly being driven into a piece of old oak. Obsession is what pushes the human race to bore its mark into the timber of the universe. The uncontrolled and uncontrollable, willful, eternally recurring force that drives all things is the mark of obsession, of the groove that gets made in the mind through repeated firing of the same neuronal patterns. First it is fleeting. Then it is an impression. The answer to our unanswerable question comes into view. We know it is there, somewhere. We become obsessed with the possibility. Whether we actually find the answer out there, or if, in fact, the answer was always within us, matters little. It is the necessity of the process that is key. We are driven to it by the rational soul as much as we are driven to eat by our nutritive soul. It is the fire that burns within us all at points.

Of course obsession can also spiral us away from the heart of the matter, often taken there by matters of heart. That kind of obsession is a curse…For there is never any answer within. Truth be know, there is no actual answer in either case, but with the former it is at least possible to reach some meaningful point of termination for our obsession.

So, regain your sense of life and quit just going through the motions. Stop these flights of fancy and brief daliances. Don’t be a dilettante. Find an obsession, enter into it, and make your mark on the universe.


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