Being a Regular

There’s a place I’ve hung out for years that has become like my second home. In truth, it is really my first home, since “home” has been a fuzzy concept in my life for quite a while. It’s a special place, where sometimes the hours seem to just fly by in a flurry of conversations, flirtations, and of course, libations. This place is even more special because it’s not just a business…There’s a quality about it that defies categorization. You have to know it, and be a part of it, to really understand.

The hardest part of being a regular at this place is stopping. You don’t want to give it up, break the habit, end the marriage. But you know that, like everything else in life, it must eventually end. And yet you want to have one more night to remember, one more silly or ridiculous happening, one more reason to be nostalgic.

The true nostalgia, however, will eventually overwhelm me when suddenly, I will no longer be a regular.

It can be hard to let some things go, and I realize that this will be one of the hardest. For now there is one more summer to truly appreciate and enjoy it, and all the other things in this wonderful city. A smile comes to my face just thinking about it…

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One Response to “Being a Regular”

  1. Dianna Says:

    Yeah, you know when I think of Grad school, it is the first thing that comes to mind.

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