September 29, 2014


What is a wave?

That’s like asking
what is life
A wave bobs and swells
whitecaps bubble up in the wind
Some waves come in hard
a resounding roar
only to be cut down by the ebb
Others surprise
slowly building
until they curl onto rock and sand
at just the right

What is a wave?

A purity of energy
The constant flow of time
The wave is eternity
The wave is always there
Even when seas fall calm
on a windless foggy morn
a gentle motion
reminds you

And on a day like this
when the storm has passed
afternoon sun comes out
The wind is fresh
the crashing sound
like the heartbeat of the earth
Wild splashy crests
give way
to simmering veins of sea foam

What is a wave?

On a day like this
a wave is

New Blog: Failed Academic

September 21, 2014

I am moving over to a new blog called Failed Academic. It is billed as “a critical assessment of the modern university and higher education in a corporatized, for-profit world.” The first post is about university professors on food stamps! Since I am almost in the same boat, I have been moved to put all my blogging efforts towards this new project, something I am obviously passionate and knowledgeable about. If you follow me here I encourage you to also follow me there. The main topic will be education, but I may eventually post the occasional picture too. Please, check it out!


September 12, 2014


Life and Childhood

September 8, 2014

“Life begins with childhood, and by a thousand devious paths through maturity attains its single goal, once more to be a child, and the one and only difference between people lies in the fact that some grow childish, and some childlike.”

From Georg Groddeck, The Book of the It, Intro. Lawrence Durrell (New York: Vintage, 1961[1923]), 13.


September 1, 2014



August 31, 2014



August 27, 2014


[N.B. The first of my attempts to capture an A to Z of "photo subjects" (the list will remain a closely guarded secret...) before the end of September. In no particular order, of course, since I'm starting with the letter "S"!]

Otter Point No.2

August 17, 2014



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